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This website offers some self-understanding tools for you to know more about your interests, career-related skills and your personality. If you are unsure about what job suits you or where your strengths lie, do these tests to gain better knowledge about yourself before

The ILC is located on 1/F, Wu Chung Library, United College. Students are welcome to make appointments for consultation at 3943 8764 or 3943 8733 and to register for workshops via the ILC website at

中大文學地圖 「中大文學地圖」旨在提供校園書寫的發表及閱讀平台,藉此推廣校園的文創風氣,並提升學生的觀察及描述能力,以支援大學中文核心課程「大學中文」的教與學。「中大文學地圖」選錄數十則名家描繪中大風物的佳構,各附以賞析或註釋導引,協助學生領略箇中妙處。

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•中大地圖 (CUHK Map) •校園交通 (Campus Transportation) •大學書店、銀行 (Bookshop and Banks) •自學中心 (The Independent Learning Centre (ILC)) •醫療 (Medical Services) •MyCUHK •CU e-Learning System (Blackboard) •VeriGuide (維誠)

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2019年08月27日 – 2019年09月20日 2:30pm – 4:15pm 聯合書院胡忠圖書館一樓教研室 想找尋合適的語言伙伴透過不同活動學習語言及交流文化嗎? 由自學中心和學術交流處合辦的「語言交換計劃 2019」現正接受報名,歡迎所有中大同學參加。

School of Continuing and Professional Studies, CUHK (CUSCS): General Courses, Certificate & Diploma Programmes, Full-time Higher Diploma Programmes, Postgraduate and Top-up Degree Programs, Online and Distance Learning Programme, CEF Courses

Contact information on this website is collected and updated by respective departments/offices/units.The information herein shall not be used or transferred for any

MA in Religious Studies Student Manual 2019-20 1. Learning Guidelines i. Course Registration Course Offering:

本文所示均為android 的app,各位果迷可自行到app store search 有沒有適合ios 版本。 Admin 我就唔建議大家裝CUHK mobile 原因係實用性偏低,我裝左一個sem 就已經uninstall 左。(uninstall 既另一個原因係因為我支機太廢,內置記憶省著用)

Methods and Applications of Analysis (MAA) publishes high quality papers in the broad area of pure and applied analysis. The applications of the subject to different branches of

Please note that only minimal administrative support will be provided in the above office hours and the PC lab of KHC, study rooms and LRCs of both campuses will remain closed until further notice 荔景校園及葵興校園內的電腦室、學習資源中心、自修室於星期日及

CUHK Policy Against Sexual Harassment (Also applicable to Postgraduate Students) General Arrangements for Classes and Examinations on Approach of Typhoons and Rainstorms Policies related to Sustainability and Environmental Protection (Also applicable

For better integration into Hong Kong community and learning about Hong Kong culture, non-Cantonese speaking students are encouraged to acquaint with Cantonese, as most courses are taught in Cantonese. Please find below a few resources for your early start:

教學建議: 教師可配合校本課程設計,於中一教授「成語」時使用此互動課件,讓學生學習更多不同成語。 教師可參考課件內的資料,自行製作工作紙,評估學生所學。使用說明: 著學生登入「學生自學網—語文學習基礎知識—詞匯—成語」自行完成互動遊戲。

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CUHK Careers Fair About the 2019 Fair 2019 Participating Organizations and Recruited Positions 2019 Careers Fair Short Talks 2019 CV Consultation Counter 2019 CV Photo-taking Counter Contact Us Menternship Programme [MTP 2020] Information for Non

User Guide of CUHK Library Room Booking System What is my login ID and password? Guidelines for using Group Study Rooms The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

MA in Religious Studies Student Manual 2019-20 1. Learning Guidelines i. Course Registration Course Offering:

Independent Learning Centre (ILC) Teacher/ Speaker Prof. WONG Ka Chat Andy Email [email protected] Medium of Instruction English Description Prof. WONG Ka Chat Andy, Associate Professor of Practice in Marketing, Associate Dean (Undergraduate

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鐘聲學校 6B 班自學及功課安排(17/2-28/2) 中 文 科 1. 每日一篇 2. 普普村 3. STAR 4. 自習(六上二冊)第十一、十二課 5. 完成書P.32-34、38 6. 預習成語單元四 7. 完成成語書P.75-77 8. 教育電視: a. 遊樂場奇

寫作部分評審委員: – Dr. Aileen Chan 陳麗音 – Mr. Leo Ma 馬輝洪 – Prof. Hoyan Hang Fung 何杏楓 – Prof. Leung Mo Ling Rebecca 梁慕靈 – Prof. Chau Man Lut 鄒文律 (排名不分

This case study is a critical reflection on the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). My manager, the Director of the Independent Learning Centre, CUHK, tasked me to scope, research, plan, pilot, evaluate and refine the

Call for FinTech Student & Alumni – Application for Cyberport CUPP X CUHK 2020 (Deadline: 14 April 2020) “Fight Against COVID-19” Campaign Integrative Medical Centre, CUHK 香港中文大學中西醫結合醫務中心「扶正防疫」計劃 現正接受報名

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Collaborated with Independent Learning Centre (ILC), the Career Centre will organize a number of career guidance programmes CUHK University Library System – Job Hunting on the Web To better equip yourself for career development, webpages with

語言學習計劃 2017-18 日期: 二零一七年九月十二日 – 二零一七年九月二十四日 時間: 14:30–16:15 地點: 聯合書院胡忠多媒體

Congratulations! Mr Jason Pun, Yr 1 PhD student won the Champion in the Poster Presentation session in the Research Poster Exhibition 2019 co-organised by Graduate School, ILC and CUHK

Exam writing skills: Exam-taking Strategies covering general guidelines on exam preparation and tips to tackle MC and Essay questions.Prepared by Monash University. Tips on how to tackle “Case Studies Exam”, prepared by QUT Library. Tips on how to tackle “Open book and

16 October 2017 – 16 October 2017 7:30pm – 9:00pm Shen’s General Education Resource Centre (next to Chung Chi Elisabeth Luce Moore Library)

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[email protected] or call Tel: 39437202 to deregister the event after the deregistration page has closed. For workshops in collaboration with the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), registration and deregistration for each event closes at 3:00 pm 1 working day in

Like every other newly admitted students in CUHK, the library not only act as a popular meeting place for international and local students, there are also a lot of services and resources available to you. Library’s “Get Started” Guide This guide lists out all the basic

All cancellations must be made in writing to the ILC General Office ([email protected]). We regret that there will be no refunds. 5. Confirmation email will be sent after the online payment is made

高級文憑 / 副學士 / 文憑 | 香港公開大學 學院簡介

For better integration into Hong Kong community and learning about Hong Kong culture, non-Cantonese speaking students are encouraged to acquaint with Cantonese, as most courses are taught in Cantonese. Please find below a few resources for your early start:

To: Regular Students of CW Chu College Students Application for College Bursary (2019–20) College Bursary is open for application now, it is provided on the basis of need, to help defray part of

有無人知道原來UC LIB個Independent learning Centre好搵笨同好白色恐怖?原來問STAFF借份JRE PAPER 黎睇好似坐監咁!個STAFF 會規定你坐邊同全程望實你,我果日中哂招,我拎一拎電話whatsapp 個fd, 點知有個ILC

17 January 2020 – 20 January 2020 Refer to poster i-LOUNGE, 3/F YIA If you are eager to immerse yourself in exotic languages, make folk handicrafts or regional snacks or learn about global issues and make foreign friends, you shouldn’t miss them! Themes as

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Email the Career Planning and Development Centre (CPDC) at [email protected] or call 3943 7202 Career Guidance Programmes in December 2012 Collaborated with ILC, the Career Centre will organize a number of career guidance programmes in December.

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Email the ISS at [email protected] or call 3943 7945 Summer internships in Dalian and Shenyang ( 華文聯合會:神州喝彩─ 2012 年東軟集團實習計劃 ( 瀋陽/大連 )) Organized by Hua Wen Lian He (華文聯合會), the programme aims at arranging students to intern at Neusoft (東軟) in Dalian and Shenyang.

AJELT is a member of the Council of the Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ)and is indexed in Linguistics Abstracts, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, MLA International Bibliography, Sociological Abstracts, as well as The Asian Education Index.In

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7 學生消息 STUDENT NEWS 聯合書院暫宿優惠計劃 United College Short-term Residence Subsidy Scheme 香港中文大學於2012-13 年度實施四年制新學制,聯合書院因此額外增收600 多名新生,為減輕走讀生的壓力及鼓勵 同學積極參與校園書院活動,書院將

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Second Term, 2019 18-Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK THEO5226: Theology and Feminism 神學與女性主義 2 anxiety. Let us be humble, open-minded and respectful to the other (our stranger). 2. Learning is dialogical and communal. We hope to

9/4/2020 · 新聞、Mail和搜尋功能只是起點,歡迎每天發掘更多精彩內容,尋找屬於你的雅虎。 美國會就新一輪刺激經濟措施現重大分歧 《路透》報道,美國民主共和兩黨就新一輪刺激經濟措施現重大分歧,將使推動措施的工作受阻。

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查詢電郵 [email protected] / [email protected] 截止報名日期 2012 年12 月10 日 (星期一) 晚上11 時59 分 (名額有限,如已額滿,將提早截止) 2 2 G20 Youth Forum 2013 The G20 Youth Forum may be the largest international event

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Questions or comments? Email the ISS at [email protected] or call 3943 7945 Incoming Students Section ISS League Busy with studies and want to have a short break? Here comes the chance! The ISS League will be organized in March 2012 to facilitate interac

This form is currently inactive. Disclaimer This form is owned by RAS (ILC). Please send comments and enquiries related to the form to [email protected] If you

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REPORTING VERBS Academic writing requires you to use citations to refer to the original source when you have used someone else’s ideas or concepts in your writing. One of the most common ways to incorporate these citations into your writing is to use

Three decades ago, a group of passionate CUHK students compiled A Day at CUHK to encourage members of CUHK to reflect on their lives and generation. We may have different campus experience, but what we share becomes part of the history of th

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