At entitledto we work hard to ensure that our benefits calculators are accurate and as easy to use as possible. Bear in mind that there are thousands of pages of legislation, regulations, orders and rules that underpin the benefits system. Hopefully you can

About us entitledto is a leading provider of online benefit calculators in the UK giving help and guidance on both legacy benefits and Universal Credit. Specialties Universal Credit, Means-tested

Our benefits calculator will help you find out what benefits you can claim. The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous. Before you start, make sure you have information about your savings, income, pensions and existing benefits (for you

It collects data and uses submitted information in line with Entitledto’s own privacy policy. Every year people in the UK miss out on billions of pounds worth of benefits and tax credits. Make sure you check what you’re entitled to by using our free calculator.

See if you are entitled to benefits using our online benefits calculator. It’s anonymous, accurate, independent of government and free. If you already claim disability or sickness benefits please say yes to this question. We will ask you about which benefit you claim

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are government schemes to help you pay your rent & Council Tax they are worked out and paid by local authorities. Benefits have changed from April 2013. Find out how you are affected by using our welfare reform calculator.

To work out your potential entitlement we need to know whether you are single or in a couple, how many children under 20 you have (if in doubt see when to include children) and whether you share your home with anyone else such as a relative or lodger. If you are a

Only say yes to this question if you are already claiming Universal Credit or you will be starting a new benefits claim and Universal Credit has already arrived in your area, meaning you will be asked to apply for it. If you are not sure our Universal Credit Postcode Checker gives the date your postcode is affected.

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entitledto.co.uk : Quickly work out exactly what you are entitled to with our benefits calculator. It’s anonymous, accurate, independent of government and free. We look at the data, entitledto.co.uk has 0 rank in the world wide web. The website server is using IP

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We’re working with Entitledto, a company that can help you budget and manage your money. Entitledto can help you check what benefits you should be claiming helping to support you with personal budgeting and money management. Click on the links

All new and prospective tenants of Karbon Homes are asked to complete our affordability calculator. You will need to know exact details of your income, such as your current benefit or tax credit payments, or your monthly/ annual income before and after

Please note: If you are working age or in a couple where both are working age, you are no longer able to make a new claim for Housing Benefit, unless you receive a Severe Disability Premium (SDP). In most cases, if you want to make a new claim, you will need to

If your work has been affected and you are worried about income, you might be able to claim benefits to support you and your household. The best advice is to complete a benefit calculation on www.entitledto.co.uk. At the end of this calculation, it will tell you

Get advice on benefits, including what you’re entitled to and how to claim. It’s important to make sure that you get all the help that you’re entitled to. These pages give you information on benefits and tax credits if you are working or unemployed, sick or disabled, a

Our benefits calculator will help you find out what benefits you can claim. If you are affected by Coronavirus please go through the calculator and we will tell you about your entitlements, including the increased 2020/21 benefit rates announced on 20

The first vital step in taking control of your finances is to create your own personal budget plan. Our user friendly budget planner is free to use and should ©2000 – 2020 entitledto Ltd. Company Reg No. 05191376, Registered in England & Wales | Legal Notices

entitledto reviews. What do you think of entitledto? Voice your opinion and share your feedback with others. entitledto.co.uk We help people determine what they can claim from national and local government via our self-serve calculators.

Our Council Tax Support calculator will help you find out how much help you could get to reduce your Council Tax bill. Enter your details to estimate the amount of Council Tax Support you may be entitled to.

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16/2/2015 · In this video we give an introduction to the entitledto benefits calculator. Carry out your own personal benefits calculation at www.entitledto.co.uk. This video is unavailable.

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What is it? Council Tax Support (or Reduction) is a local discount on your Council Tax bill. In April 2013 the national Council Tax Benefit scheme was abolished and now every council in England has a local scheme for reducing the Council Tax paid by people on low

Know if you’re eligible to receive benefits? Speak to PayPlan today, we can help clarify what you can and can’t claim. Read about the various types of benefits Please enter details about your work. Click on ‘Add Job’ if you have more than one job at the moment. For

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entitledto. 2.8K likes. We help people determine what they can claim from national and local government via our self-serve calculators. 2 days until new benefits rules are coming for couples where one is over state pension age and one under. 2 actions to take:

Your results are based on 2015-2016 benefit rates. The results table shows all the benefits you can claim (it may list ones you’re already receiving too) and the amount you should get. The calculation is based on the information entered and is an estimate, not a

Age UK’s Benefits Calculator will provide an estimate of what benefits you could be entitled to. If you are affected by Coronavirus please go through the calculator and we will tell you about your entitlements, including the increased 2020/21 benefit rates

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Up to £3.5 billion in pension credit is left unclaimed every year – on average a significant £2,692 per family that could go towards essential bills. According to Independent Age’s analysis

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