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#3252 “LLM C&R 2018 intake 幾時先出offer呀等到頸都長啦” See more of HKU Secrets on Facebook

Round 1: 2018年2月28日 Round 2: 2018年4月13日 注:该时间为2018 Fall的申请截止,供参考。课程安排 总学分72分:包含15或18分的必修课,54或57分的选修课。学生应通过所有考试或作业并最终获取2.0以上的GPA。申请要求 毕业成绩为Second Class以上

入讀PCLL 的最低要求是high second class honor degree (2:2) in law 和 IELTS 7分1.由於競爭激烈,除HKU, Oxbridge外,一般都要2:1.HKU 尤其看重law subjects 的成績2,CUHK就睇整體成績3。根據HKU PCLL的成績,HKU畢業生表現最好,其次是澳洲大學4.可能英國LLB較注重批判和close book exam.

LLM本身讀8科, 包括Tort, Criminal, Contract, Common Law, Equity, Constitution, Land, Criminal Procedure. 學校本身提供LLM轉JD出路(成績許可),但學費貴, 今次來函主要想問問有冇其他方法如LLM > HKU Space CPE/ 自修PCLL Conversion Course > PCLL Conversion Examination > PCLL ” 讀者有無類似經驗,PM我地分析下!

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L265/916 LLM in Medical Ethics and Law credit unit statement The curriculum requires candidates to complete not fewer than72 credits nor more than 78 credits with a total study load of not fewer than 1,800 learning hours nor more than 1950 learning hours. All

发布于 2018-01-18 赞同 6 1 条评论 分享 收藏 感谢 收起 邓小冷 一名内心强大的律者 4 人 赞同了该回答 谢邀!LLM是一个一年制的法学进阶课程,相当于中国的法学硕士学位。全称是Master of Law。美国本国非法学背景学生基本上以读JD为主。 凡具有法学学士

The 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ table for law subjects employs the same rigorous and balanced range of 13 performance indicators used in the overall World University Rankings, but the methodology has been recalibrated to suit the

28/8/2019 · 今天下午,手机Inbox推送了港大的邮件,看了一下,手都在颤抖啊,盼星星盼月亮终于来了,General和IT&IP让我选。趁着记忆还新鲜,下面跟大家分享一下我的一下背景、录取结果 港大LLM漫长等待,终于来了(晚申请之经验分享) ,寄托家园留学论坛

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We refer to the Notes to Applicants and the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section of the University (https://aal.hku.hk). If you do not fall under the ‘non-local’ as described in the aforesaid, it is likely you would fall under ‘local’. If you have any doubts, please

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#NonLoveStory #story12 [[關於讀 law / 非打手] 遠離 HKU LLB 負擔得起嘅同學請讀 CUHK JD] 點解咁講呢,就係因為 HKU 出嗮爛 grade,搞到啲同學 GPA 差,再加埋 JD 競爭,好難搵到好工(所謂好工,呢度定義為 international firm,TC salary 40k up;或者讀到

Taking up Bachelor of Laws at CityU HK Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from the right university can do more for your career than you can ever imagine. Take your pre-law studies full-time at none other than the City University of Hong Kong. The benefits of pre

5/3/2020 · DIY申请,咨询了一下之前申过的同学,感觉中介性价比很低,港大要求的材料很少,论坛上也有很多经验贴可以参考,自己收集一下就OK了。九月考过司考之后十一决定申请一下, HKU LLM (general) ,寄托家园留学论坛

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Discover the world’s top universities for Law and Legal Studies. Explore the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018. The University of Cambridge has climbed above UK rivals the University of Oxford into second place this year, but there’s no change at the very top as Harvard University are the top-ranked university for law for a sixth straight year.

For the LLM entry point, you normally need one of the following: A Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with second-class honours from the University of London. A second-class bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), where at least half the units are in law-related subjects.

The Faculty of Law enjoys close relations with professional organizations and centres of learning in the international community. It brings the common law and Chinese law systems together with other legal traditions to promote justice and safeguard the rule of law.

HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Natural Sciences) Common Science Experience – Science Foundation Courses FAQ 6224 BASc(AppliedAI) 6212 BASc 6729 BSc(ActuarSc) 6119 BEd&BSc Minor in Science Entrepreneurship Admissions

Candidates are required to pay a non-refundable deposit on acceptance of offer of admission: for FT candidates, HK$21,050 for local students and HK$85,500 for non-local students# for PT candidates, HK$10,525 for local students and HK$42,750 for non-local

In the context of calls for theorizations of LLM to better respond to considerations of culture and context (e.g. Chen, Warden & Chang, 2005), this study seeks to contribute to the field through examining the interactions between LLM and micro (MoI classrooms

29/3/2018 · 我1月submit曬d野都未收到任何消息 應該都可能等5月一係有offer一係無 另外你報LLM邊範? 我想問下hku environmental management呢科點?讀完出路點?定啲人話係為識人 要唔要interview?

2018 HKU law students, Mathilda Kwong Yuan Shang, Yuki Lok Chi Yu, Flora Chan Wai Shan, and Areon Chan Yee Tak, created a video sharing their experience participating in the 2017-18 DVC Summit from 26 to 28 June 2018. 2017 . HUMAN RIGHTS

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We aim to cultivate higher degree graduates to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of the society and to make contributions to the pool of human knowledge

Professor Malik Peiris is a clinical and public health virologist with a particular interest in emerging virus disease at the animal-human interface including influenza, coronaviruses (SARS, MERS) and others. 2005-07-01 Research Output Prize, Li Ka Shing Faculty of

Email: [email protected] Tong King LEE (LLM, PhD) is Associate Professor of Translation at the University of Hong Kong. He is a NAATI-Certified Translator (Australia), Chartered

#NonLoveStory [LLB好唔好] 真心,以所謂既神科黎講(客觀黎講,神科 = Best 5 > 30分???),讀LLB其實絕對無想像中咁神。 講真,同其他神科比,甚至同Law既double degree比,讀LLB chur完、bj完,入唔到PCLL之後其實可能同一個普通其他degree差唔多。辛

Thinking of applying to our LLM programme? Find out how below Contact us For all enquiries regarding applications to the LLM Law programme at UCL Laws, please contact UCL Admissions directly in

The Centre for Ethics in Medicine is an interdisciplinary centre for enquiry, education and engagement in healthcare ethics and law, based in The University of Hong Kong

Woo PCY, Lau SKP, Chu CM, Chan KH, Tsoi HW, Huang Y, Wong BHL, Poon WS, Cai JJ, Luk WK, Poon LLM, Wong SSY, Guan Y, Malik JSM, Yuen KY. Characterization and complete genome sequence of a novel coronavirus, coronavirus HKU1, from

背景:211,法学,GPA3.6/4,IELTS7.5;澳洲交换一学期;通过国家司法考试;参加过专业的比赛;律所实习。 录取时间:2017年5月

Founded in 1912, The University of Hong Kong is the leading and oldest tertiary institute in Hong Kong. In the early years, the University was host to four Faculties: Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Science. The late 1940’s and the 1950’s were characterized by the

8/4/2020 · Applying to the Graduate Division involves the completion of an online application form and the submission of required materials via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) by a specific deadline.Applicants to all programs (LLM, E-LLM, MSL, JSD, or APC) must register for an LSAC account, and use the LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service.

英國大學排名的數據採納方法 《泰晤士報(Times)》Good University Guide 英國大學排名同時採納學生滿意度、學術研究水平、入學門檻及畢業生就業情況等多方面去評價各所英國大學,能較全面地反映大學的教學和學術研究表現,因此我們亦一直主要採用 Good University Guide 作為挑選大學的數據參考。

On 20 November 2017, Kelley Loper, Director of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, HKU, made a deputation to the Legislative Council Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services on the Consultation on Gender Recognition issued by the Hong

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) program is a one-year degree program that typically includes 180 students from some 70 countries. The Graduate Program is i Alert COVID-19 Update Harvard University and Harvard Law School shifted to remote teaching and learning, as

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Whitworth, LLM HKU, MA Oregon, PhD Illinois (On leave: 6 August 2018 to 22 September 2018) Acting Head/Associate Head/Associate Professor LEE, Amy W S 李慧心, BA HKU, PhD Warwick (Acting Head: 6 August 2018 to 22 September 2018) Professors

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November 26, 2018 Chevening’s website Six Cheveners from around the world found themselves unexpectedly reunited in Hong Kong in 2018 as participants of the 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellows Program. Launched in August 2017, the program is a leadership development initiative based at Hong Kong University (HKU), and is aimed at outstanding mid-career professionals working in public policy.

Hong Kong Campus Award To celebrate our inaugural year in Hong Kong, we are offering a 10% fee reduction to all students studying our GDL, MA Law and LLM Legal Practice programmes, in or into Hong Kong, in 2020. To be eligible for this discount, you will

About Interested in international economic law. Interested in dispute resolution, have taken courses of arbitration law, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, etc. Interested in private international law, my undergraduate thesis is related to this area. I have

職稱: Student at HKU Law, LLM

Contact us Centre for Comparative and Public Law Room 921, 9/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3917 4238 Fax: (852

Class of 2018 “At HKU I got the chance to learn from world-class professors who have abundant working experience and are willing to share their knowledge. My MSc included an internship in Arup and on graduating I got a job in Hong Kong with Fugro.”

The BSc (Hons) Accounting programme (Full Time Mode) is a joint collaboration between HKU SPACE and the Hull University Business School. Students need to study 9 modules and can complete in 12 months. Upon completion of the programme, students will be

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CALENDAR: SEPTEMBER 2018 – SEPTEMBER 2019 236/718 Amended Note: Suspension of classes for Lunar New Year from February 5 to 11, 2019. General and University Holidays 2018–2019 (circled) The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Tue. Sep. 25

Department Of Surgery 2/F, Professorial Block Queen Mary Hospital 102 Pokfulam Road Hong Kong SAR, China (+852) 2255 5463 or 4992 (+852) 2855 1897 [email protected]

In December 2017, Ms. Genevieve Ku and Dr. Edmond Fong presented the “FONGS Prize in Company Law” for LLB and “FONGS Prize in International Law” for LLM to the students of outstanding performance respectively at HKU 198th Congregation, Faculty of Law.

He was the receiver of HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2014-15, and HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) award 2018-19. Prof. Lu is the Director of iLab , which is an urban big data hub housed on the 7th floor of the Knowles Building, HKU to facilitate multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary urban big data collection, storage, analysis, and presentation to inform decision-making in

On the Master of Laws (LLM) programme at UCL Laws, you’ll be joining a community of some of the brightest and most ambitious graduate students from all over the world Our LLM programme provides the ideal platform for you to develop expertise in specialist

George Lwanda is a regional program adviser on extractive industries at the UNDP Africa regional centre and 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellow at the Asia Global Institute, University of Hong Kong.