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Jason – Another “unseen” use for sweet-gum trees. For those of us who are beekeepers, the sweet-gum provides a plentiful amount of resin for the bees to use as propolis in their hives. This is used for both sealing unwanted holes/cracks – and is also thought to be

Sweet gum tree leaves have five to seven pointed lobes, and their shape will remind you of a star. Mature leaves are 4 to 7 inches wide. Their fall color lasts much longer than most other trees. The downside to growing a sweetgum tree is the seed pods. Children

The American sweet gum tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, grows in eastern woodlands from southern Connecticut to northern Illinois to Texas to central Florida. Sweet gum trees may reach heights from 80 to 150 feet, and they may spread to 45 feet wide. The trunk of

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Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua L.) Sweetgum, also known as redgum, is a large, valuable forest tree. Except for the high mountains, sweetgum grows on rich river bottoms, in

Sweet Gum Tree Genus LIQUIDAMBAR, Linn. The Sweet Gum (Liquidambar Styraciflua, Linn.)-A large tree 75 to 140 feet high, with straight trunk and short, slender branches, forming a pyramidal or oblong head. Bark reddish brown, furrowed, scaly, on old trunks

Yes, the sweet gum’s spiny balls are annoying, but the worst thing about sweet gum trees are that they spread like weeds. If you cut one down, about a dozen shoots will appear on what’s left of the trunk trying to grow more little sweet gum trees. They are very

18/6/2009 · Hi, Today I came to work to find out that they are cutting some decent seize sweet gum trees outside my office. In the near future we want to put a bench outside the office. Is this wood any good to build a timber bench? Any hints?

20/5/2011 · Sweet gum resin or sap may stick to your teeth. Do not tear bark from the same tree many times or it may harm or kill the tree. Only remove small areas of bark at one time; no more than a few inches. Creating a “band” of barkless area around the tree is

The Best and Worst Trees for Firewood Here’s our guide to help you find firewood for cold winter days and nights that burns the hottest and with fewest sparks. It’s hard to top the cozy feeling generated by the sight, sound and smell of a wood fire burning in the

Mar 30, 2015 – Explore philsandwatson’s board “Sweet Gum crafts” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sweet gum, Crafts and Sweet gum tree crafts. Homemade christmas ornament made from sweet gum pod, acorn for nose and acorn tops as ears added bow

8/1/2017 · Is there any woodworking use for Sweet Gum? Our city is on a campaign to cut down Sweet Gums, they just cut down one near my house. The trunk is about 28″ in diameter, 10′ long and straight as an arrow. There is about 6″ of light brown heartwood in the middle.

This is a conical shaped tree which becomes rounded with age. It has beautiful finely toothed leaves which colour to shades of red, orange and purple during Autumn putting on a spectacular show. Flowers form in spring followed by spiky, woody, ball-like fruits which hang from the branches. Named Liquidambar due to its yellow reddish-brown sap.

Gum Tree Pictures Welcome to our gum tree pictures page. Gum trees are also known as Eucalyptus trees. On this page you will find lots of nice pictures of gum trees. Gum Tree Facts You will also find a lot of wonderful information on gum trees, including

Tapping Hickory Trees for Syrup (Carya genus) Hickory trees can be tapped for syrup, but these days that’s not how “hickory syrup” is made. A producer called Wildwoods Syrup is selling hickory syrup commercially and produces more than 30,000 bottles annually. and

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What Are the Best Trees Under Which to Plant? Will Ferrell—Kernersville, North Carolina We do not always have a choice about the kind of trees under which we grow our beloved woodland plants. But when we do, there arises the question: Which trees are

Is sweet gum tree good for firewood? Which species of trees bloom and fruit twice a year? The Jabuticaba tree has fruit growing directly out of its trunk. Is this the only one of the 60,000 species of tree that does this? Why would an orange tree have thorns?

Now in terms of caring for honey bees, having good trees in and around the apiary is a beekeepers dream. As an organism, they are ‘aware’ of their locomotive challenge and have developed ways to ensure that their DNA material is delivered across their various

see more Family Hamamelidaceae Genus Liquidambar are deciduous trees grown for their alternate, maple-like leaves which take on brilliant and long-lasting autumn colour; flowers and fruits are inconspicuous Details L. styraciflua is a deciduous tree to 20m tall, broadly conical in outline, with rather glossy, maple-like, 5 to 7-lobed leaves which turn to shades of orange, crimson and purple in

Sweetgum, Liquidambar styraciflua, a deciduous tree fromteh Witchhazel family Sweetgum, native to the lower two-thirds of the Eastern United States and parts of Mexico, is only found naturally in Ohio in its southernmost counties, but is planted throughout most of the state as a shade tree prized for its brilliant fall colors and rapid growth.

The Sweet Gum tree is used for making hardwood floors, furniture, and other lumber applications. The wood is also used as paper pulp and to make baskets. Earlier, the pioneers would peel the bark for chewing gum. Sweet Gum trees look good for landscaping in

My attempts with sweet gum have not been very good. I find it to be too brittle, but that might be just my local trees here in northeast GA. It also tends to twist while you split it and give you a nice big headache. I am very curious to find out how it does with a linen

5/6/2015 · Sweet Gum is becoming well loved in the herbal community because it is known as an amazing ingredient in cold and flu formulas. It contains shikimic acid in its infertile seeds; the same ingredient found in the Star Anise tree (which was used to create Tamiflu).

Don’t plant bad trees that will end up costing you time and money later. Explore several dangerous types of trees you should avoid planting at all costs, plus get tips to help you make the right tree

Trees’ flowers are a critical source of forage for bees, providing nutrient-rich pollen and nectar that bees use for food and to make honey. Following is a list of bee-friendly trees. Many additional native trees are also good sources of food for pollinators.

4/6/2006 · I have several sweet gum trees. I would like to provide the best possible care for them. Currently they look a little neglected from the previous homeowner. When we first saw buds in the spring, we thought they were healthy. Now that all the buds have opened, we

Almost everywhere you look, there’s a tree for practical use on the farm that’s unique in some helpful way. Even undesirable characteristics of a tree can be of benefit. Take, for instance, the sweet gum trees tendency to rot from the inside out. Your imagination is the

The best trees for firewood tend to have several traits in common. They tend to be very dense hardwoods that burn hotter and longer because of that density. Oak, for example, is one of the absolute best options out there when building a fire. Oak has long been

Habitat of the herb: Swampy woods which are often inundated annually and on rich bottom lands. Edible parts of Sweet Gum: A chewing gum and a stabilizer for cakes etc is obtained from the resin. It can also be chewed to sweeten the breath. Other uses of the

The black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) is a deciduous tree that is originally from the United States.It is favored for its brilliant fall foliage and its winter form, which displays attractively dropping branches over time. Black gum is an excellent choice to add autumn color to

25/7/2012 · Hello all – I just had a sweet gum log cut up into lumber from a tree in my yard. The tree was in decline, so we bit the bullet and had it cut down. I had the arborist save a 8+ long section on the bottom. The sawyer brought his protable WoodMizer to the house and

My neighbor has a sweet gum tree in her back yard. My house sits on a diagonal downhill slope from hers, and I have the most glorious view of the tree in the fall. Of course, that means I get her sweet gum balls that roll downhill into my yard, too. And yes, it is truly

29/11/2015 · It seems Sweet Gum Trees got a good foothold where some hardwoods were harvested, leaving a lot of sunlight to hit the ground. They are growing much faster than the new oaks. Any redeeming value to the trees for wildlife, or should I take the time to cut and

Qualities and Uses for Sweet Gum A small sawmiller sees his first load of Gum wood, and gets advice about its value and how to handle it. Question I bought a new bandmill a few months ago for my own use. I built a barn for a vacation cabin and am using wood I

Sweet gum trees are easy to maintain once mature, but do require some basic care to keep the tree healthy and vibrant. Where to Plant a Sweet Gum Tree Due to the sheer size of sweet gum trees, they should be planted in large landscapes, avoiding overhead obstructions, such as wires, to prevent any damage to the tree or its surroundings.

Liquidambar styraciflua – Sweet Gum. This large, deciduous tree is often mistaken for maple as the foliage is similar in appearance with 5-7 pointed, palmate lobes. (Sweet Gum) As the dark days of winter draw in, the glorious autumn colouring of Liquidambar

17/11/2001 · Branch lines: sweet gum National Tree Week starts soon, marking the beginning of the winter tree-planting season. If you are creating your own arboretum, David Wheeler recommends a good tree

18/6/2007 · “Sweet Gum” is a trash tree here. I have cut down a bunch from my place and split several for firewood. The grain has a “twist” and makes them a candidate for power splitting only. The splits dry out to “nothing” in a few months. No BTUs left. I wind up putting them

21/8/2012 · I have been offered a mature sweetgum, and a teenage one. All I have to do is drop them and haul them off. This would be enough wood to get me through winter. But how well does it split with an axe? Is it stringy like poplar? Do i have to wedge it, then finish the

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A Sweet Gum Wreath is perfect for winter decor. Use the pods from a sweet gum tree to make your own. Best of all, the pods can be found for free! How to Make a Sweet Gum Wreath for Winter This wreath was easy to make and can be used either as a wreath on

20/9/2019 · If there’s a sweet gum in your yard, you can forget about walking around barefoot once the seedpods fall in autumn and winter. The pods have sharp, spiny exteriors that will elicit a shout if you happen to be stuck with one. Ouch. Their surface roots can also .

I started this fire using sweet gum seed balls. I’ve also read that they are excellent for dying cloth naturally. I have a fascination with hand crafts, and while I was doing a little research, I found this article on using Sweet gum tree balls for dye.I thought that was very

Good shelterbelt trees are practical, but they can be so much more. Experts from the NZ Tree Crops Association give us their recommendations on some of the best trees for your region, and what to avoid. What’s the best belt for your lifestyle block? The following

American Sweet Gum Tree- Liquidambar Styraciflua For Sale Affordable, Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery American Sweet Gum Tree is a large native tree. The Sweet Gum tree can be named after its aroma that can be smelt from many feet. The

The decision behind choosing the right trees for horse paddocks and enclosures is more than just selecting something that is big and wide for shade. A huge consideration is the potential of certain trees to poison horses when foliage, branches, flowers or nuts are

Liquidambar (Sweet Gum) are deciduous trees grown for their maple-like leaves which turn brilliant shades of orange, crimson and purple in the fall. After dropping to the ground, the attractive branching pattern, furrowed bark and corky wings on twigs are revealed, providing winter interest – as do the hanging clusters of hard, spherical, bristly gum balls. Good-looking all year, Liquidambar

Liquidambar, commonly called sweetgum (star gum in the UK), gum, redgum, satin-walnut, or American storax, is the only genus in the flowering plant family Altingiaceae and has 15 species. They were formerly often treated in Hamamelidaceae.They are decorative deciduous trees that are used in the wood industry and for ornamental purposes.

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Liquidambar Styraciflua is a deciduous tree with leaves that turn splendid yellow, various shades of orange, burgundy purple and many different shades of red in the autumn. It is an attractive bonsai tree whether it has green leaves, colored leaves or no leaves.

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