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Produced in New York, New York, Fiona Apple chose the music world by storm at the mid-90s, while still in her late teens. A friend passed her three-song demonstration to some music publicist, who then passed it to an executive at Sony Records. She signed up

I expected Fiona Apple to takeover the new world of music. It didn’t happen. Adele is the new Fiona — and while the world isn’t hurting for the removal of Ms. Apple from our public purview — We Who Remember Her want to know the why and the wherefore of Fiona’s disappearance.

14/4/2010 · In January 2010 Fiona Apple and Jon Brion performed together at “Love and Haiti, Too: A Music Benefit”, a charity concert for the people hurt by the Haiti Earthquake. Fiona sang a cover of “(S)he’s Funny That Way”, composed by Neil Moret, lyrics by Richard

17/5/2009 · Chris Rock called her “Fiona X” after that comment. Answer Save 13 Answers Relevance Independent Melvin Lv 7 1 decade ago Favourite answer The Criminal video is what I thought of when I read Fiona Apple. Thanks, I’m going to go watch it. 0 1 0 Log in to Lv 4

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What the hell happened to Fiona Apple? – she used to be so hot still love her music and voice though [img]https://a1-images.myspacecdn.com/images03/23/a288b

9/4/2011 · Music Talk – Whatever happened to that new Fiona Apple album? – Last Fall, Billboard reported that a new Fiona Apple album would be released in Spring, 2011 . Seeing as we’re halfway through April and there is not a peep about this album, I’m assuming it’s not

Fiona Apple’s debut album, Tidal, completely changed that , however. It was heavy with darkness and full of rage, but all of it was simmering beneath a controlled level of startling power

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Fun.’s Fiona Apple VMA Smooch: See The Photo Now! In the lead-up to Thursday’s show, Fun.’s Jack Antonoff shares his personal photo of a magical moment from the ’97 VMAs

16/9/2017 · The thread on Liz Phair and her depressing career trajectory made me think of another nineties singer/songwriter, one who has never made any effort to go bigger or accommodate tween tastes: Fiona Apple. Her last album – from five years ago – is actually my

American superstar Fiona Apple (When the Pawn, Tidal), 42, recently became the latest internet celebrity death hoax victim when news about her death circulated on social networking sites. Disclaimer: The poll results are based on a representative sample of 275 voters worldwide, conducted online for The Celebrity Post magazine.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Fiona Apple is hard at work on her first new album in nearly a decade, discussing the project in a rare interview published by Vulture on Wednesday. Asked what her

Apple is not the self-indulgent, self-pitying troubadour for whom music is catharsis. Songwriting is simply a way of life: if something happens to Fiona Apple and she doesn’t write a song about it, has anything really happened to Fiona Apple?

And so it was with some trepidation that I went back to the Largo to watch Brion play a set with Fiona Apple. I am 31, so Fiona Apple happened at just the right time, right when I got a driver’s license and a Car Discman, when my sprouting nihilism and

Fiona Apple wants Lil Nas X to pay up. Hours after her Vulture feature was published, Apple posted a video that addressed a portion of the interview that was left out. And, yes, it involved the

So, what happened to Fiona? Warning, spoilers follow. The episode, while Fiona’s last, remained very much an ensemble installment. Throughout the episode, Fiona sensed she was no longer needed as

I t’s been six years since Fiona Apple’s infamous meltdown onstage in New York. And on the fifth night of her first major U.S. headlining tour since then, it almost happened again. “I was

A few days after her Billboard interview, Fiona Apple will leave her home in Venice, Calif., for a month-long tour supporting her fourth album, “The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the

Fiona Apple. 735K likes. www.fiona-apple.com Fiona Apple and Maude Maggart Duet on ‘I’m in the Middle of a Riddle’ – Speakeasy – WSJ

But last night, the US singer-songwriter Fiona Apple wrote an open letter on her Facebook page to say she was cancelling her South American dates to look after her dog, Janet, who is dying with a

9/3/2020 · Fiona Apple has finished her new album.The 42-year-old singer hasn’t released an album since ‘The Idler Wheel’ in 2012 – but in a video posted on a fansite, she revealed that her new album is finally complete.In the clip on

Fiona Apple’s Art of Radical Sensitivity For years, the elusive singer-songwriter has been working, at home, on an album with a strikingly raw and percussive sound. Apple’s new album, “Fetch

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Photo by Dan Monick “She’s very raw right now,” Fiona Apple’s publicist warns me repeatedly over the phone last Friday.Some rawness is warranted—the previous evening, an audience member

Fiona Apple “Red Red Red”: I don’t understand about complementary colors And what they say Side by side they both get bright I don’t understand about complementary colors And what they say Side by side they both get bright Together they both get gray But

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Rest easy, Hustlers fans: Fiona Apple deeply approves of Jennifer Lopez’s dance to her classic song “Criminal” in the recently released movie.Apple hasn’t actually watched the movie yet

On Friday, Fiona Apple returned with one of her first songs since 2012. The track just happened to be one she’s already released—“I Know,” the closer off 1999’s When the Pawn

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2/4/2020 · Fiona Apple’s first album in eight years is to be released on April 17. A video taken by her friend Zelda Hallman revealed that fans will finally be able to hear ‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ this

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I don’t have that spur on my ass that most people have, like, ‘Oh, god. I have to get something out or else my career will be over!’ I don’t really care if my career is over.Fiona Apple Fiona Apple’s new album is called The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (Clean Slate/Epic), and while that might very

27/9/2019 · The “Old Town Road” rapper used the track for his 2018 song “Kim Jong”.Fiona Apple calls out Lil Nas X for using “Every Single Night” sample: “Where’s my money?” Robin

1/4/2020 · for those with intense feelings about all things fiona, including the masochism inherent in being a fiona fan

Fiona: That’s the only reason I ever brought the whole rape thing up. It’s a terrible thing, but it happens to so many people. I mean, 80 percent of the people I’ve told have said right back to me, “That happened to me too.” It’s so common, and so ridiculous that it’s

Gwen Stefani & Fiona Apple at the Grammys, NYC, February 1997